Entry #144

My favorite bands

2017-11-17 15:00:49 by Nova

1.Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds.


3.Pink Floyd

4.Peter Murphy

5.Gary Numan

6.Skinny Puppy

7.Joy Division


9.Sigur Ros

10.David Bowie

11.The Cure

12. Placebo


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2018-02-11 15:20:28

this is a good list even tjho i only know like 3 or 4 bands on here. ok actually i just counted its 5. ok i might as well say the bands i know on this list. the cure, bowie, skinny puppy, joy division, and floyd. great bands. i shuld check out the others considering the ones i do know are pretty legendary


2018-02-21 19:06:21

I didn't know Mew was in a band

Nova responds:

Hahah, yeah, it's a Danish band. Completely unrelated to Pokemon lol.


2018-03-08 11:21:21

Three ones I recognize there... they were great though so: a lot to listen in to!


2018-03-18 20:14:28

Your bands suck!

1. In This Moment

2. Daughter

3. Sabaton

4. Heart

5. Disturbed

6. Otep

7. Rammstein

8. Massive Attack

9. Roxette

10. Foals

11. System Of A Down

12. Cage The Elephant